About Us

CAPtR Services, LLC

At CAPtR Services, LLC our mission is simple. We identify and implement innovative solutions which enable our clients to Capture Allowable Patient Revenue streams.   Our solutions deliver improved cash flow, and are built around no nonsense programs that have been thoroughly vetted and designed to ensure compliance with Federal, State and payer guidelines.

Our solution providers are recognized industry leaders, and they share our commitment to providing“best-in-class” solutions to our clients.  Our partners understand that each client has unique circumstances and challenges; our role is to listen carefully to your goals and to help you identify which of our partners’ programs, if any, coincide with your needs.  We frequently recommend standard programs within their portfolio of services – programs which will integrate seamlessly into your practice with minimal disruption.  On other occasions, pre-existing programs cannot provide an appropriate solution so we work with our partners to create custom solutions designed with your needs in mind.  And on the rare occasion that we are unable to offer a viable solution, we acknowledge that fact and direct you to others who might be able to offer a solution.

Our sister company, CAPTR Consulting Group, has Managing Partners and offices located in the following states:  Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri and South Carolina.  We have Consultants scattered throughout many additional locales.